What is the difference between propane gas and city gas?

One of the differences between propane gas and city gas is the supply method. Propane gas is supplied individually for each household. On the other hand, the supply method of city gas is similar to the supply method of electricity and water supply, and gas is supplied to each household through gas pipes buried underground. In order to switch from propane gas to city gas, the following two conditions must be met.

There is a gas pipe near my house

Unlike propane gas, which can be supplied anywhere if a gas cylinder can be installed, city gas can be used by supplying gas to each household through gas pipes buried underground. Having a gas pipe running near your home is an essential condition for using city gas. Therefore, if you are considering switching from propane gas to city gas, you should first check if there is a gas pipeline near your home.

Installation of gas pipes is possible

Depending on the location of the building, it may be necessary to obtain permission from the landowner when installing gas pipes into the site. When starting to use city gas, it is necessary to check the route from the public road to your home, and obtain permission from the land owner if necessary. If your house is surrounded by other houses and you have to take a private road owned by a nearby resident to get to the public road, you may need to own the road to carry out the installation work of the gas pipe. Permission must be obtained from the owner.

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