why is it cheaper?

Propane gas is a free charge, and the main reason is that the gas company freely decides the sales charge. In the past, most gas companies sold at high prices in pursuit of profits, but recently consumers have become aware that they can choose which gas company to choose, leading to price competition in the industry as a whole. The company has grown. Therefore, if your current gas bill is high, you can reduce your monthly gas bill by changing gas companies.

Is it possible for the same company to have different pricing plans?

Even with the same gas company, the price may differ from household to household.                                                 For example, Mr. A's house (basic charge 1500 yen, unit price 500 yen) and Mr. B's house (basic charge 1800 yen, unit price 400 yen), the same gas company has different basic charges and unit prices. How the price is set varies from company to company, but common reasons include the rental of supply facilities and differences in supply areas.

Will the price be raised to a higher price after the change?

Even conscientious gas companies may inevitably raise prices. Prices may need to be raised due to various factors such as the situation in the exporting country, soaring crude oil prices, fluctuations in exchange rates, etc. However, in that case, all gas companies in Japan will be affected, so there is a high possibility that other gas companies will also raise their rates. If you feel that the price increase is inappropriate, please be assured that we will intervene and contact the gas company.

Is it possible to get a set discount with electricity?

Set discounts for electricity and gas are also possible. By using gas and electricity together, you may be able to use it more profitably.

Does gas quality matter?

The quality of gas does not change. Propane and butane are the main ingredients, and the standard calorific value of propane gas is 24,000Kcal/㎥.

What if I lease equipment?

We will review the contract and consider the best course of action. In many cases, customers can change gas companies without paying a penalty, so please contact us.


Won't the quality of electricity change and power outages become more likely?

Since electricity is supplied from the same grid as before, the quality of electricity will not change even if you change to a new power company. As always, the power transmission company will take care of all failures of electric wires and poles, so please be assured that there will be no special problems or inconvenience.

Isn't the procedure troublesome?

If you have the supply point number and the customer number of the current power company, which are necessary for switching, the procedure will go smoothly. However, it is necessary that the electric power meter has been replaced with a smart meter. There is no cost to replace the smart meter, and the replacement request will be made by the new power company, so please contact us.

City Gas

How much does it cost to switch to city gas?

Currently, the gas plumbing cost in the area where we can support is 50,000 to 70,000 yen. In some cases, you may be able to use some of the pipes that are currently in use. However, the amount varies depending on the distance from the gas pipe to the place where gas is used. Also, since it varies depending on the piping and gas appliances you are currently using, please contact us once.

Do I have to replace my gas appliances?

Currently, most gas appliances can be remodeled for city gas by simply replacing parts and can be used as is. Depending on the manufacturer, model, and years of use, it may not be possible to modify.                              We offer a special price for those who are considering replacing gas appliances.

How many days will the construction work take?

The gas work on the residential lot will be completed in half a day. You can use gas from the day you turn off the gas.

I worry when disaster strikes.

Older gas pipes used to be severely damaged depending on the scale of the earthquake, but now we use polyethylene pipes that are strong against earthquakes and do not corrode, so there is no damage and they are highly rated. Also, in the event of a disaster, by installing mobile gas generation equipment, it is possible to quickly resume supply.

Is it true that it will be cheaper than LP gas?

It is said that the average price is about 30% cheaper in our service area. However, since LP gas is a free rate, if you are using the current LP gas at a special price, etc., it cannot be said that it will be cheaper. If you know your current usage and billed amount, we can compare it, so please feel free to contact us.


Are there any contract fees or cancellation fees?

Basically, there is no charge for changing gas or electric companies.                                                                                                                                                   We will consult with you in advance.

Can I change my rental?

If you get the consent of the landlord, you can change the gas company even if you are renting. In the case of electricity, each household can change it. Please contact us regarding the procedure.

Will the payment method change?

When you change gas or electric companies, you will also be asked to decide the payment method.                        Payment by credit card, direct debit, convenience store payment is possible                                                                                 , and the gas company will handle the subsequent procedures.

If you have any questions other than the above, please feel free to contact us.